Our Apparel
Cotton Handkerchiefs

Made to an excellent standard for the most discerning clients.

Pocket Handkerchiefs

Hand rolled edges to compliment your attire for every occasion.

Bow Ties

Taggs offers silk bow ties for both day wear and evening wear.


We have a compressive range of sizes and styles.


Taggs offers the superb quality socks.

Men’s Briefs

We are stockist’s of elegant men’s briefs.


Taggs leather-end braces are specially designed and created in England.


Our cotton shirts are individually crafted.


Taggs trousers are available to complete your well-coordinated wardrobe.


We have a range of styles and fabrics available.

Knitted Ties

Ties are made specifically for the Taggs label.

Denim Suits

Popular, practical and stylish denim suits.


Each belt is skillfully crafted in fine fashion.

Men’s Vests

Trusted by our clients since 1989.


Taggs is proud to offer classically styled and carefully designed suits.

Cotton Suits

Elegant, light-weight, cotton suits.

Denim Trousers

Taggs denim trousers are made from cotton and elastane.


A wide range of hand cut and sewn silk cravats.

Cotton Jackets

Lighter, cooler fabrics without compromising on style or quality.

Cotton Trousers

Our cotton trousers are made from Italian fabric.

Cotton Jeans

Taggs jeans are appropriate for more casual wear.

Flower Lapel Pins

Compliment your outfit in a stylish and unique way.

Cuff Links

Original cufflink designs are our trademark in this accessory.

Denim Jackets

Suitable as an alternative to a blazer or sports jacket.

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